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Marketing related:

  1. Develop a consistent and distinct look for all of your advertising and marketing.  If you can afford it, have it professionally done.  If not, pick a distinctive border from a book of borders obtainable at a local book store.  Use an unusual typeface or layout.

  2. Develop a computerized database of all your clients which captures their travel preferences, demographic and psychographic data, hobbies and other relevant facts.  Use it!

  3. Send clients an 'advance notice' postcard reminding them to book peak season or popular vacation packages early.

  4. When clients return from their honeymoon, send the a certificate good for $50 off on their first anniversary trip.  Follow up with them about six months later to encourage them to use it.

  5. Write a travel column for local newspapers and community journals (apartment complexes, senior centers, fraternal organizations, etc.).

  6. Have every employee who is on a fam tour send 15 postcards to clients from the destination they are visiting.

  7. Include a colorful, high impact ticket stuffer featuring a preferred supplier stuffer in every corporate ticket envelope.

  8. Create a colorful, professionally done, quarterly flyer featuring the latest travel specials and unique trips.  Distribute these flyers to all corporate accounts, to neighboring businesses, etc.  The nicer and more interesting they are, the more companies will be willing to distribute them for you.

  9. Write a manual offering tips for mature travelers, prospective group leaders, and so on.  Enter the names and addresses of all responders into your database.

  10. Advertise a special in a special 'boxed' panel on all of your faxes.

  11. Create news releases on late breaking travel-related stories and send them regularly to all local media.  If you get quoted or interviewed, the visibility is tremendous.

  12. Use 'tag ads' but consider taking a double size ad so that yours will stand out.

  13. Consider the use of color in your ads.  It costs more but it increases readership by 41%.

  14. Cut out engagement, anniversary and retirement announcements in he newspapers.  Laminate them and send them to the individuals featured with a letter of congratulations.

  15. Look for businesses in your local community with whom you can cross-market.  Sun tanning studios, dress shops, camera shops, health clubs... all offer natural synergies.

  16. Co-op mailings with businesses who have the same target markets as you do.

  17. Advertise cruises and tours with a per diem rate.  Just $149 a day.

  18. Select some kind of an icon to represent your agency (an animal, your logo, etc.).  Invest in producing that image in a folding 2 by 3 foot color poster.  Give one to each client going on a vacation and tell them to take a picture of themselves with the icon (the unfolded poster) at famous landmarks like the Sphinx, the Eiffel Tower, etc.  Then, dedicate a wall of your agency and start collecting and framing the most interesting ones.

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