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Other Tips

1.  Speak to groups and associations about travel.  Give them the inside scoop on their favorite destinations.  Expose shady industry practices and proffer tips on how to avoid them.

2.  Approach your local radio and TV stations and offer to appear as an industry resource when needed.

3.  Offer to write a travel column for your local community newspaper.  Invite questions from readers.

4.  Always have a travel video playing somewhere in your store.

5.  Offer the top 10% of your customers a subscription to a travel magazine.

6.  Offer refreshments at your place of business.

7.  Try advertising in the adult personals:  Wanted:  20 adults for a single cruise.

8.  Use your agency as a pick up center for amusement park tickets, show tickets or casino bus tours, etc.  It drives in new local prospects.

9.  Contact major convention centers and tourism authorities and ask them to send you a list of all conventions and major meetings booked over the next couple of years.

10.  Develop a lending library of books, videos and travel brochures.

11.  Give every client who books a vacation, a video of their destination, hotel or cruise line.  Tell them to show it to their best friends with hope that they might decide to join them on the vacation.