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50 Cost Conscious Marketing Promotions

by Robert Salbaum

Just because your agency doesn't have a tremendous advertising or marketing budget doesn't mean it can't promote itself better.  Here are dozens of low cost, practical ideas that will help you to increase your visibility, sales, customer service and profits.

Sales related:

  1. Greet every prospect enthusiastically.  Show genuine interest in them.  Statistics show that 50% of a prospect's decision of who to buy from is based on the amount of genuine interest the salesperson displays.  No action can possibly have a bigger payback for the investment required.

  2. Know the products you are selling.  Accuracy of information establishes credibility which accounts for another 25% of a prospect's decision of who to buy from.

  3. Make a concerned commitment to try to close one more sale a day.  Get the proper training so that you have the tools to achieve this goal.

  4. Upgrade every sale.  Offer to book cars, deluxe rooms, travel insurance, optional tours, and so on.

  5. Call two current clients every day just to check in with them.  Let them know you are thinking about them and getting excited for them as their vacation approaches.

  6. Send brochures to three past customers every day.  Tell them you thought they'd find these tips of interest.  Follow up with a call to discuss your suggestions.

  7. Send every customer a handwritten thank you note within a few days of their return from vacation.  Follow up every letter with a personal telephone call within a week of their return.  Don't do one or the other.  Do both!

  8. Set aside one hour a day to make call backs, follow up calls and do research.

  9. Offer special limited time only incentives to get clients to book on the spot.  (Use Entertainment book cruise upgrades, car rental upgrades, etc.).

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